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At Somerville Tree Service, we are more than just tree specialists – we are proud to be a part of the Gleasondale community. Passionately serving Gleasondale, MA and its surrounding areas, we understand the unique tree care needs and challenges of our region.

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Superior Tree Services in Gleasondale, MA

Trees, although a lovely and essential part of our landscape, can occasionally become a cause of concern. An out-of-control tree might jeopardize electricity cables, a sickly tree could be a few days from collapse, or a persistent stump could be ruining your property’s appeal. It’s not just about appearance—overlooking these issues could lead to possible hazards for your residence and loved ones. For your connivence we also service We also cover [cities count=”5″ type=”ul”]

The Premier in Town

We aren't just one more tree care company—we're a part of the Gleasondale community. We boast of our status as the leading in town, founded on many years of providing exemplary service, safeguarding the health of our local trees, and the safety of our neighbors' homes. Choose us for a community-based, dependable, and superior quality tree care service that truly appreciates and cares about your needs.

Affordable Pricing

We are of the opinion that quality tree care should be reachable to all. That's why we're devoted to offering first-rate services at reasonable, budget-friendly prices, offering value that goes beyond the dollar. With us, you can be confident you're getting the supreme standard of tree care at a cost that won't empty your wallet.

High Quality Service

"High Quality Service" is more than just a phrase at Somerville Tree Service—it's the principle that drives our work day in and day out. With a squad of qualified arborists using state-of-the-art equipment, we offer services that continuously surpass expectations and maintain the leading industry standards. Choose Somerville Tree Service for answers that center on the health of your trees and the safety of your property in Gleasondale area.

Our Easy, Smooth Procedure

Partnering with Somerville Tree Service in Gleasondale is a breeze, thanks to our straightforward and customer-friendly process. First, get in touch with us via our contact form or phone us directly. We’ll go over your tree care needs and set up a free onsite evaluation. Our specialists will then come to your property to evaluate the situation and offer a detailed plan along with a transparent quote. When you’re happy with the plan, we’ll plan the service at a time that works best for you best. From periodic maintenance to immediate storm damage clean-up, we’re here to take care of your tree care needs efficiently and with expertise

Safe And Dependable Tree Care Solutions

Here at Somerville Tree Service, we are here to address your issues. Our knowledgeable team utilizes the most recent equipment and methods to address your tree-related problems. From trimming excessively grown branches to eliminating hazardous trees, to grinding stubborn stumps to conducting regular tree-related health check-ups, we provide a full range of tree care services tailored to your specific needs.

Enjoy the Remarkable Difference Offered by Our Tree Services in Gleasondale.

Our mission transcends merely addressing your current tree troubles. Our goal is to provide a service that results in you with a healthier, safer, and delightful outdoor space. With our tree care services, you can expect risk reduction risks, upgraded landscape aesthetics, and a rise in property value. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that your trees are looked after by certified professionals that prioritize your satisfaction.

Gleasondale! Don't Delay for Disaster to Hit​

Neglecting overgrown or diseased trees might not only lead to property damage but can also pose serious safety risks. Every year, countless property owners face significant expenses and stress due to ignored tree issues. Don’t let this be you. Taking action today can save you from potential risks and provide you with a healthier, more appealing outdoor space


Ready to Part Ways to Your Tree Issues?​

Let us handle the hassle of tree care. We have the necessary equipment and are prepared to offer a range of tree care services, including tree trimming and shrub pruning, tree removal and stump grinding, fertilization and soil management, tree risk assessment, and emergency storm damage clean-up. Our experienced, certified arborists prioritize preserving your trees vigorous and your property safe. Don’t hesitate, act now to avoid potential tree problems from escalating into financially burdensome damages.

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Our Services in Gleasondale

At our Somerville Tree Service, we understand the importance of trees in adding to your property’s visual attractiveness and overall health. They provide shade, boost air quality, and bring a hint of nature’s grandeur to your space. For this reason, we present a thorough selection of professional tree services, designed to address your each need. Starting from routine care like trimming and pruning to critical damage response, our highly skilled team ensures the best for your trees. Check out our services below to find out how we can help you upkeep a beautiful and healthy landscape in Gleasondale.

Tree Trimming Pruning

Tree Pruning/Trimming in Gleasondale

We enhance the visual appeal of your trees and growing healthily with our professional pruning and trimming services. Our certified arborists remove dead or overgrown branches, enhancing not only the tree's appearance but also its future health and vitality. Trust us to take care of your trees as if they were our own.

Tree Planting Services

Tree Removal in Gleasondale

On occasion, a tree needs to be removed because of disease, potential danger, or landscaping changes. Our team handles this process securely and effectively, mitigating risks and ensuring minimal disruption to your property. We also give advice on replacement trees fitting for your specific location in Gleasondale

Trees Being Planted

Stump Grinding/Removal in Gleasondale

Prevent unused stumps become an unsightly feature or hazard in your yard. Our stump grinding and elimination service clears your land for a clean, aesthetically pleasing result. We handle all varieties and variations of stumps, leaving your property ready for your next project.


Tree Planting in Gleasondale

Whether you're thinking of replacing a taken down tree or incorporating more greenery to your landscape, we can help. Our team gives professional advice on the most suitable types of trees for your space, and guarantees secure planting to promote healthy growth. We can bring to life your vision into a luxurious reality.

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Tree Health Assessments in Gleasondale

If you're feeling concerned about the health of a tree, we have the solution. Our detailed tree health assessments aim to alleviate your worries. We identify potential issues, provide treatment plans if necessary, and enable you with information to make informed decisions about your trees in Gleasondale

Storm Damage And Preparation

Emergency Tree Service in Gleasondale

During stormy weather or unexpected situations, we're by your side with our urgent tree services. We take immediate action to safely address hazardous trees or branches, mitigating further damage to your property. Day or night, we're here to help.

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